About the author

“Some poets you read and forget. But some poets you read and cannot ever forget, not only because they have struck a chord in our soul, but because they drain us and leave us out in the cold.” Manel Queralt i Utrilla (Barcelona, 1959) is a poet, mountaineer and computer engineer. He has published fifteen books of poetry in Catalan and his work has been translated into English, Basque, Spanish, Korean, Galician and Japanese.

Man is an apprentice, pain is his master.
Alfred de Musset

It is clear that however different
from the real one an imagined
world may be, it must have
something –a form– in common
with the real world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Actually, all living creatures, animals
and people, wish to live, and such
will only disappears under
exceptional circumstances,
such as unbearable pain.
Erich Fromm

We may conjecture that once in there / We would not know what might occur / If one so reckless should decide, / -What for, we could never guess- / To follow the tunnel and climb the stairs.